Raja Krishnamoorthy (Kitty)

Director HRD, Talent Maximus India ltd

Arrived in Bombay (now Mumbai) on 26th November 1952. Largely I am India fed, universe bred, with multi language orientation and global perspective.

I enjoy the buffet menu of my professional roles: Management consultant, Motivation & Life positive speaker, Trainer, Film actor, explorer & student of the journey of life

Formally I am a director at TalentMaximus India pvt ltd, a Chennai based HR services organization. As a Trainer & consultant in the area of Organization Development, I do extensive work in Organizational culture, Team synergy, Transformation & leadership skills and personal growth thru self awareness.

As a connoisseur of life I Love nature & observing the life unfolding. I enjoy meeting cross section of people and sharing ideas; I like the truth of simplicity of life and seek answers to the Complexity of human encounters. Not very techno savvy, or as wired, as life today seems to demand…keen to be self-sufficient there.

For those keen on numbers: (so far)
60 + years of life
38 years in HR field, 28 in independent consulting & training
25 years of film journey; Acted in 60 + films 4 major Indian languages, 2 films scripted & directed
In the past: 8 full length plays (staged), 6 short stories (published) and stored in note books many unpublished poems

Meena, my wife is a home manager, ex garment designer, eternal music student, singer and local Good Samaritan. Son Arvind, with his wife Devi lives in San-francisco  daughter Manasi, with hubby Sidharth is in chennai. Lasya, their daughter is the greatest gift life has given our family so far!

Have been enjoying & exploring varied forms of expressions: speak, challenge, facilitate, write, paint, touch, film, act, cartoon, click, and cook ….and so on.

I am on a trip of spreading the message of “living life-unlimited” across the world ; and Very keen to contribute to social transformation in India.

I just love life; en-joy every bit of it!

Transformational Leadership

TEF Talk – Transformational Leadership

M100 Mezzanine Hall

Raja Krishnamoorthy, Actor & Director, Talent Maximus will deliver his talk on Transformational Leadership. He will be introduced by: Veera Venugopal, Founder & CEO, EnnVee Technogroup, Inc.