Madhu Kumar

President & Head of North America, Digility Inc

Madhu Kumar is the North America Head & President of Digility Inc. In his role, he helps clients gain business value by ensuring consistency in user experience. Whether that user is an employee, customer, or partner, digital transformation is one of the most important strategic challenges that business leaders face. Due to his 20 years of consulting experience, he fully understands that digital transformation needs to be a companywide initiative and that building a digital strategy requires collaboration with a strong partner to meet organization’s broader goals.

Prior to joining Digility, Madhu was part of the Management Council & Executive Vice President at Hexaware Technologies, where he played critical roles of heading industry business units, creating strategic alliances, wining and executing very large transformation deals. He successfully guided many Fortune 500 companies as they navigated change and implemented new strategies across the globe.

Madhu began his professional career as a Research Scientist with India’s Department of Atomic Energy, working on nuclear reactor control systems and simulation models. Madhu has done his Masters in Marketing Management from JBIMS, Mumbai; and, Computer Engineering from NEC, Madurai. An avid golfer, when Madhu is not on the course, enjoys reading and family time with his wife and two children.


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Panel Discussion – People, Platforms, Processes: What next in IT?

M100 Mezzanine Hall

Panel Discussion – Emerging Technologies

M100 Mezzanine Hall

Panel discussion on Emerging Technologies Influencing Tomorrow. Hear from experts in Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Technologies, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Analytics. You won’t run out of acronyms! Lena Kannappan from 8K Miles Cloud and 8K Miles Media will moderate the panel.

Panel Discussion