TEFCON 2017 Startup Pitching Contest

Pitching Competition for Innovative, Early Stage Startup Founders

Startup Pitching Contest (TEFpitch) is a segment of TEFCON 2017 organized as part of FeTNA 2017 Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN on July 1, 2017. If you are an early stage startup founder (without or minimal external capital), this is a great opportunity to present your business plan to the TEFCON audience / mentors / potential investors and hone your presentation skills! You will get visibility to your startup.

Important Dates:

Finalists Presentation: July 1, 2017 @ TEFCON 2017 

Last Date to Apply: Extended to June 5, 2017

Results of Screening: June 7, 2017

Application Link (via F6S):

https://www.f6s.com/tefcon2017startup-pitch-contest/apply    CLOSED NOW!

Note: Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) will not be signed by FeTNA / TEFCON / Judges / Investors / Mentors / Audience. Please use your discretion to share your business idea as slides and / or presentation!

About Startup Pitch Contest:

TEFpitch is a competition for innovative, early stage startups in information technology and other sectors to make life better.

From a global applicant pool, the TEFCON team selects finalists who receive coaching and mentoring from startup mavens. Finalists will pitch their business plans to a prestigious judging panel of corporate, angel, and venture / private investors who provide feedback and select 3 winners. The well-connected audience of 200+ innovators and early adopters weigh in via social media tools, making the TEFCON pitch one of the most exciting segments.

Launched for the first time at the Silicon Valley FeTNA Convention in July 2015, TEFCON pitch was very well received, contnued in Trenton, NJ in July 2016, and has been included in this year’s TEFCON  2017 event at Minneapolis, MN.

In 2016, apart from Wall Street representation, a number of Silicon Valley Angel Investors, Accelerators, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs were present to network with the startups and connect with them for mentoring or future discussions.

The TEFpitch at Trenton, NJ in 2016 enjoyed capacity attendance by an enthusiastic audience and an engaged judging panel.

Startup Competition Process:

Founders of five or six early stage startups will provide rapid-fire pitches (5 minutes pitch + 3 minutes Q & A) on their ideas, current stage, team, business model and market potential. 

A team of judges will rank them on various parameters and top two or three startups will be selected as winners. The winners can get a range of benefits, starting with mentorship, prizes, introductions to potential investors and target customers, and launching assistance.

Start-up Pitch Competition Applications can now be submitted by founders and early stage start-ups using the following link:


Submission of applications will be closed on 31-May-2017 (extended to 5-June-2017) to provide time for our screening panel to evaluate and select the finalists and interact with / prepare them for the pitch program.

This competition is meant for early stage startups without or minimal external funding. 

At least one one of the founders should be from the Tamil community, even if not a member of a Tamil Sangam. Finalist founders should buy the admission tickets for FeTNA Convention / TEFCON 2017 held in Minneapolis, MN and attend the program at their own expense (including travel and stay). 

Important Instructions:

Fill in as much information as required for all questions on the application. 

The slide deck should be crisp and to the point. Include 10 to 15 slides only. Avoid too much text on the slides. Use pictures, charts, tables, etc. Please note that you should be present the deck in 5 minutes! Script and practice multiple times!!

Slides should address the following aspects, from a potential mentor / investor perspective:

* Problem

* Solution

* Market / Opportunity

* Competition

* Business Model

* Financial Model

* Traction / Current Status

* Team

* Ask (i.e. what you are looking for)

Here are some examples / notes on preparing slide decks (pointers to third party websites):





Include website link(s) and video links, if available. If you have additional information, include the same as Annexure slides.

TEFpitch social media has generated thousands of shares / tweets and over 100,000 impressions for the event in 2016. 

TEFpitch is run by a dedicated group of volunteers from around the USA, including from the Minnesotta Tamil Sangam ecosystem as this year’s FeTNA Convention is hosted in Minneapolis Convention center. Also involved is a group of experienced ATEA (American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association) volunteers from the Silicon Valley and East Coast.

TEFpitch competiton is a program of Tamil Entrepreneurs Forum Conference (TEFCON), a part of FeTNA (Federation of Tamil Associations of North America), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.